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Test Environment Management. (TEM) 

"The first truly dedicated Test Environment Management Service with all tools hosted in the cloud"

Test Environments/Virtual Host Server Booking/Management System (TEBS)  -  To register for a free trial sending an email to

TEBS provides reporting on usage, availability, interconnectivity or interfacing environments/virtual host servers, utilisation and conflict reporting etc.

Test Environment or Virtual Host Server Usage information is also available in the form of a chart that provides information on environment usage across a period of time, establishing trends, patterns etc. 

TEBS also has a calender feature which captures the weekly, monthly and yearly view of what test environments/virtual host environments are in use and for how long to assist with overall capacity planning.

TEBS as a CMDB, also serves as a repository of all information on a Test Environment/Virtual Host Server to include Host Server Names, Hardware Type, Operating System, IP Address and Interfaces, Application Details, Code Versions and all historical information on test, development and pre-production environments.

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Data masking tool to desensitise or obfuscation of  test data to be used in test environments. - Can convert between 2000 and 5000 records in an excel file from sensitive data to masked or dummy data that can be used for testing.

Using the data masking tool ensures that you adhere to all confidentiality and privacy regulations in using customers data for software testing.

All data obfuscation is done in real time, converted in dynamic memory on your computer (and no data is stored on our servers).

Techniques, tips, related news and different Test Environment Management templates downloaded for free.

Test Environments as a service - An Infrastructure As A Service Cloud Offering.

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We also provide test environment management strategic planning/implementation services on a consultancy basis. 

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We were proud premier partners of the CloudSlam June 2014 in, a leading-edge cloud computing conference produced by Cloudcor Inc.™ and now in its sixth year.


We also provide an end to end test environment management consultancy service, tailored to your needs?




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A three step approach to providing you with a tailored test environments management service.

1. Environments Management Strategy

We first establish your Long Term Environments Management Strategy guided by ITIL principles, best practise, cost savings and ROI. Ensure that the strategy is alligned to your existing standards across architecture/solution design, infrastructure procurement, virtualisation, cloud computing, test data management and capacity planning etc.

2. Requirements Gathering

Also working with you, we now establish your exact immediate requirements as well as possible future requirements for test/dev/preproduction environments based on your full project schedule or portfolio at present and across whatever is planned for the future. We also establish at this stage test environment support and environments management resources required to support the size of your Test, Development and Pre-production IT estate. We also define and agree on the approach to be used to change the scope of the requirements, if necessary.

3. Implementation


Based on the established environments management strategy and in response to the given requirements. We can provide immediate access to virtualised or cloud based test environments ready for your application specialists to install your applications, databases, middleware etc and configure it for testing, our test environments booking/management system (TEBS) installed on your servers, data masking tool, various tailored environments managememt templates and a highly experienced Environments Management Consultant to assist with the initial setting up and available to you for as long as you require the service. We can also provide training, test environments support service, automation tools, capacity planning etc.